Resonant Waves: Immersed in Geometry

The Resonant Waves Project is the effort to further develop this original art/science project and cymatic instrument, and to invent new ways to bring this immersive multi-sensory experience of sound to as many interested individuals as possible.

“Resonant Waves: Immersed in Geometry is a first of its kind art-science project, and immersive cymatic instrument, designed to enable participants to have an interactive, multi-sensory experience of sound; to be able to hear, feel and see sound simultaneously, and to co-create, taking control of their experience.”

Resonant Waves: Immersed in Geometry, installed as a private solo exhibition in the UC Santa Cruz Digital Arts and New Media building in 2019

How does this work?


Or, more like Nature! This work is simply revealing what specific ranges of sound naturally look like and feel like, using a few hardware and software components.

This version of Geometron consists of:

  • Wave interference patterns, formed by sound passing through water in a circular dish, which is on display for all to see

  • A computer running a custom designed audio patch generates the sound, consisting of low frequency sine waves, harmonics and binaural tones. The software also allows the user inputs to adjust the sound in real time

  • A camera to capture the wave activity in the water dish

  • Adjustable variable-color lights illuminate the water, creating beautiful color combinations

  • A bright projector directly displays the mandala-like cymatic patterns in front of the viewer in real time onto a custom screen

  • A comfortable armchair that the participant sits down in, with the various sonic and light controls embedded in the arms for the viewer to interact with

  • Powerful Buttkicker® bass transducers are attached to the chair, that smoothly vibrate the user at the same frequency as the water in real time.

  • Stereo speakers, to hear the sound that is generating the cymatics and the vibrations

There's more to it, but those are the essentials.

Future versions will share the same fundamental processes & flow, but the forms, scale, software, hardware, and how it can be interacted with and experienced can change significantly. We'll add more detail on what's coming next later on.

The People

Richard Grillotti

Founder, Creator

Rob Leifheit

AV Technical Director

Andy DiLallo

Audio Engineer

Alexander Peri

Business Development

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