The Geometron

Experience Audio
Synesthesia as Never Before



Hear the sound, as comfortable low frequency tones, with harmonic overtones and binaural rhythms blended in.



Feel subtle and deep vibrations of the same sound simultaneously through your entire body.



See intricate mandala-like wave patterns that sound naturally produces, with vibrant light color combinations


Interact with and experience a multi-sensory cymatic instrument.

Explore and take control of the input controls and explore the relationship between sound, its natural shapes, how it feels on our bodies, and affects us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Get a better sense of this experience by watching this one-minute video of Geometron installed at the Binary Salon 13 event in San Francisco in December 2019.

Can we try this out?

Due to global health concerns, it's not currently exhibiting.
As soon as its safe to do so, we'll get it back out there for all to experience.

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